I’ve been busy lately.

I had a goal of one day writing a book. A little book. Certainly not a novel.  I knew I’d never write something like War and Peace.  My brain isn’t wired to write something like Hop On Pop either.   I wanted to write a collection of stories that would be entertaining and inspiring for whoever might flip through the pages of my little book.

And little by little I’ve done it.

So I’ve been busy because I’m nearing the finish line. These last few months have been devoted to writing and rewriting many Chapter 3 articles in order to be published in my first book simply called Chapter 3.  It’s kept me pretty busy.

And the idea that I’m so close to reaching my goal has kept me unusually quiet.

A Perfect Book

Someone once told me writing a book is a little bit like being pregnant. Toward the end of those nine months you’re ready to just say, “Enough already. Let’s get this over with!”

I’ve been hanging on pretty tight to my little book. A few people have seen the mock-up. It’s been shared sparingly, carefully, hesitatingly. It’s as if I’m an overprotective parent of a small child. It’s my creation. My impressions transcribed into words. My interpretation of stories others have shared. My self-doubt wondering if anyone will actually read it.

And then I look back at the first sentence in the second paragraph. I had a goal of one day writing a book.

And I just did.

I’m a perfectionist in recovery and it’s been tough to let it go these last months. Because one of the most difficult things about the final push for a book is realizing it’s never going to be perfect. And yet in spite of the imperfections I’m as proud of it as if I’ve written a best seller.

So I’m shushing that little voice of doubt because it doesn’t matter if it’s a best seller or a snoozer. I reached my goal. And in this book are my thoughts which doesn’t make them right or wrong. They are simply mine.

And that perfectionist side of me? The one that makes me constantly tweak and edit and re-write those stories?

I’m going to have to cut it out. Because if I don’t this little book will never jump from the hard drive of my computer to actual words on the printed page for someone else to read.

Tiffany Muehlbauer of Arma Communications (www.armacommunications.com) has been such a calm, guiding advisor to me through this publishing process. A few weeks ago she said, “Linda, someday you’re going to have to say it’s done. And then leave it alone.”

I think someday is just around the corner…