When I was a little kid and wrote a letter to someone, I could hardly stand it, waiting to see if I would ever get a reply in return.  So when I hear from people who’ve been reading my blog, I get that same thrill.

Your comments are insightful, thought-provoking, and revealing.  I’m convinced more than ever we are all writing a new Chapter, regardless of age or life stage.


You are smart, savvy, & talented.  YOU inspire ME.

And I think your comments will inspire others too.  

Here are a few of my new favs:

I saw myself in some of your stories and smiled.

So many of us are going through similar life changes and unexpected experiences.  It is good to know we are not alone.

I have had to adjust to the fact that my dreams have taken a detour and I am now rethinking the direction my life is taking.  Thanks for sharing the ride!!!


There was also lots of appreciation from readers for publishing the ICE list.  The first note made me chuckle.

While going into the pre-registration appointment for recent hospitalization they asked me so many questions and I wished that my ICE info had been up to date in my mind.  Eek! . . . I hope I don’t look that bad!

I think this is an important list for everyone to have! We like to think we’re a bit invincible in our 20s and 30s, but even we need an ICE list.

From Marla Ottenstein, Naples Premier Professional Organizer:

I write a column called “Get Organized” for the Naples Daily News and have written about the need for always carrying an I.C.E. Card with you. Your blog is spot-on and says it all! Thank you.  As organized as I am, I may have missed one or two of the “must do’s” and will readdress your excellent list sooner rather than later. 

Thank YOU, Marla!


It seems nothing stays the same for anyone.  And yet we handle change pretty well.

I’m in the midst of “knowing” I want my Chapter 3 but not knowing what that is.  So I’m just staying open to what comes my way to help me clarify.

If you listen inside, you know when it’s time to change something.  And even if you are connected to your guidance system, and you know you have to change something, it might take a long time to act on it. 

I think I handle curve balls pretty well. Instead of feeling sorry for myself about the situation,  I figure out what becomes a new normal for me.

It seems like life is always changing and evolving . . . like one door closes and another opens.  I always try to remember “this too shall pass”.


Attitude definitely makes a difference!

Your blog made me cry. A very good cry. I believe attitude is everything. It is every individual’s choice to try to make the best of each day. To try to find the good in people and all life has to offer.  To be grateful for what we had and count the blessings of what we have. To not sweat the small stuff.  If each of us can make one person smile each day we will have accomplished something.

I look at attitude as a power I have been given.
I can use my power of attitude to change how I am reacting to a negative person or situation.  I can use the power of attitude to be in control of how I choose to let people affect me or my actions.  I believe one’s attitude becomes part of their personality…and we all want to be with positive upbeat people so we should strive to keep our attitude that way.

I think a change from a negative to a positive attitude is a health benefit.  It makes one happier, relieves stress and can even change the outcome of  your day.

Don’t we marry for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health?  I am certain the biggest contribution to my marriage is our attitude to each other.  I have tremendous respect for my partner which has culminated over years of living together.   Attitude and respect work hand in hand in my eyes.


A nice pay-off for a mom and daughter who answered the questions for someone special!

Went out to lunch with my daughter yesterday and did your 8 Questions. What a stimulating conversation we had!!! A two hour lunch. Wow. Loved every minute. Thanks for the great idea.


This teacher models compassion & kindness every day then teaches her students how to make it a habit in their own lives.

I try to be a kind, caring and understanding person.  I have students every day hold a door for me! I always make a big deal about it so they will do it for others. And I am lucky to be married to a very kind man!


Pets play an important role in our lives.  Especially when they share some valuable Life Lessons.

I too am a dog person. In fact my last two dogs are still in my closet – their favorite place to rest, with their head laying on my shoes!  Sadly, now its only their ashes in special boxes that are in my closet. But they were so special to me that I like the knowledge that they are always close by.

Our dog was at my side for 11 years.  We got him after our daughter did a report on Welsh Springer Spaniels in grade school.  He was the best thing ever for our family.  He trained us very well!

Our wonderful West Highland terrier was the love of our life!!!  He taught me about grieving the living while they are dying . . . their courage, grace, dignity, patience.  It is life’s biggest “trip” !!  Most of all he taught me that animals have souls, like we do.

Everyone says pets teach us unconditional love, but they can teach you to laugh too.


People have been inspired!

I love the Mountain Host’s story! — the freedom to make choices (autonomy), the ability to practice what we love and work to continually improve it (mastery), and making meaningful contributions to others (purpose).

Most of us have always done what is expected. It really takes courage and insight to figure out what it is that makes us happiest and then do it!

Passion for skiing and the enthusiasm to share it with so many others truly makes the perfect recipe for happiness! Thank you for sharing…


And finally,

I love reading your blog. You are a great writer and share such pearls of wisdom. I so admire your kind spirit and positive outlook on life.

 Thank you one and all.  Let’s continue to inspire each other!