You haven’t heard from me for a while and it’s time to reconnect.

In June I decided to take a step back and simply enjoy the summer months in northern Michigan. It wasn’t for a lack of things to write about… It was my inner voice telling me to just be. And the place I like to just “be” is a summer place that’s so filled with memories of family and friends and keepsakes, I tell my husband, “After 25 years, this cottage is just getting good.”
reconnect-summer-04As a new writer, I often wonder, “Is there anyone out there reading any of my stuff? Am I reaching anyone? Making any kind of an impact? Do I keep doing this?”

And the answer appeared when I decided to just “be”.


People noticed I was missing in action and I started receiving messages like:

  • “You haven’t written in a while!”
  • “I miss your blogs.”
  • “Just the other day, I used a phrase you shared from a long-ago post.”
  • “You’re going to continue to publish, aren’t you?”
  • “I send everything you write to my friends, daughter, etc.”

It’s a good feeling to be missed, right?  Because it means we are a little bit of a presence in someone’s life.  A presence that’s missed when it’s not there.

So now that summer is winding down and fall will forever make me feel as if I should be back in school, it’s time to write out all those thoughts I allowed to soak and simmer these past few months.


And I wasn’t the only one with soaking and simmering thoughts.  Because this is what else I heard:

  • “Mobile devices and etiquette because people have become so rude!  Linda, that would be a great blog.”
  • “Could you please write something about balance?  How do we take time for ourselves?”
  • “Linda, please write about packing!!  What’s the really important stuff to take along?  What gets left behind?”
  • “Girlfriends.  We can’t live without our girlfriends.  And why is it men don’t have guy friends the way women have girlfriends?”
  • “Could you write about saying ‘no’ to people?  How can you do it without hurt feelings?”

What’s been on your mind?  Where has life taken you these past months?

Kids.  Parents.  Spouses.  Relationships.  Change.  Baby steps and giant leaps.  Growing older without growing up.  Stress.  Thoughtful risks.  Mortality.

And more stories.  From interesting & inspiring people.

How about you?  Do you have a story to share?  Would you share it with me?  

It’s going to be an enlightening year.  Stay tuned.

And just one more thing.

I missed you too!