Do you ever feel as if there is just too much going on in your world and find you are being pulled in multiple directions?

In the middle of that tug of war, do you get the  feeling none of those directions are the single direction you intended to follow?

It’s not always a bad thing. In fact, it might just be the universe sending you a message to go with the flow.  Lately I’ve been trying to decipher a few of those messages myself.

Here it is the middle of November and you might be wondering why I haven’t written much since spring. Nothing as dramatic as a broken right hand and nothing as tragic as a personal crisis.

Why no new articles?

Just life, I guess.

And I thought if life happens to me, it happens to everyone else too.

Maybe . . . just maybe . . .  we make things more difficult for ourselves by pursuing a set agenda when it really makes better sense to pay attention to the ebb and flow of our days and what we’re to learn from them.

Sometimes we simply don’t allow for the time when life overtakes our best intentions.

Sometimes we insist on swimming upstream when it makes more sense to take a rest on the riverbank and figure out another way to get there.

Sometimes we aren’t putting our best efforts where they need to be.

And I’m wondering if in the middle of all of those “sometimes”, we’re just not listening to what we need to do in order to bring some calm back into our lives.

So here’s what I’m thinking:  When the universe sends you a message, maybe it’s a good idea to listen.

Are You in Need of “Re” Time?

I’m no different than anyone else. I over-schedule myself and over-saturate my calendar. But then there are times like this past summer when the season seems way too short and the activities so plentiful and so much fun that I want to take in all I can for as long as it lasts.

Some days I start to feel a little guilty and think maybe I should be doing something more important. More in keeping with my goals. More productive.

On those days my husband will say to me, “Linda. Not every day needs to be a productive day.”

And I’ve discovered he’s right. Those non-productive, distracting days often turn out to be moments that weave their way into some of our best memories.

When you find there are too many things going on in your life, maybe it’s time to set aside some “Re” time.

  • Re-examine your priorities.
  • Re-evaluate what’s going on.
  • Re-establish goals.
  • Realize maybe it’s time to slow down a little and enjoy the distractions.

Honor the message the universe is sending you.

And maybe that message is to simply Relax.

Because if we can’t be fully present and in the moment, then where are we? Worrying about what might lie ahead? Fretting about what happened yesterday? Where’s the benefit to that?

How to Refocus Yourself

Instead of spinning faster and faster, taking on more and more,  enjoying less and less, feeling frustrated at only touching the surface of things, take a deep breath and get yourself settled down.

Drag your foot on the ground and slow down the merry-go-round. Figure out what’s most important right now. Forget about the other stuff.

Then allow the universe do it’s work.

Are You Listening to the Universe?

We can be our own best teachers if we’re willing to learn from our good moments as well as our mistakes. And you can make a mistake with a poorly timed remark as well as a lifetime decision. We all have our share of ups and downs. We will continue to have our share. It’s life.

But the more important thing in all of this is the lesson that follows. Have we learned to mine more of our best moments or will we continue to make the same mistakes again?

The universe is sending us messages every day and you won’t find them on your iPhone.

You have to listen with your heart.