I left out a BIG part of my “Favorite Things” article…because I’m not the only one who has favorites when I travel.

My husband does too.

So for the benefit of all Chapter3Blog readers,  here are some of his favorites.



I found this perfect travel vest after reading about it in the Wall Street Journal a few years ago and bought one for Dave (http://www.scottevest.com). He’s been a fan ever since. There is a pocket for everything and it even comes with a cheat sheet to tell you what’s the best thing to put where. It’s well made, secure, and a simple way to go through security. Just take off the entire vest, throw it in a bin, send it through the x-ray and put it on again. No pockets to empty and no chance something gets left behind.


An Indestructible White Shirt

Nothing fancy or custom about these shirts from TravelSmith.  Save fancy and custom for another time.

What’s so special about these shirts?  They. Do. Not. Wrinkle. Period.  And what’s sexier than a crisp white shirt on your favorite guy?  Not much.  Pun intended.


Packing Cubes

I’ve never met anyone who loves packing or living out of a suitcase. It’s hard to pack and stay organized, especially if you’re going on a long trip. We are huge fans of these packing cubes from Eagle Creek. Organize them however you like: t-shirts in one, dress shirts in another, socks and underwear in a third. They come in all sizes and colors and it’s amazing how much more settled we feel using these things.


The Best Toiletry Kit!

Forget anything fancy for his razor and toothpaste. I found a couple of sources: – Eagle Creek makes them in two sizes, and Rick Steves makes a variation with a couple of extra pockets on the side. The cool thing about each is a self-contained hook making it easy in even the smallest bathroom to find a place to hang it so you have easy access to all your stuff. Another plus: when that bottle of hand cream or shaving lotion explodes inside the bag (it happens, right?) just toss it into the wash, hang it out to dry and it’s good as new.


Zip-Loc Bags

What did we ever do without them? Dave uses them for chargers, cords, & medications. If he’s traveled overseas, he uses one to shove all the leftover currency, tucks it in his passport and he has euros for the next trip. I always have one or two tucked in my carry-on bag with a few travel size necessities.



Dave used to be a sailor and he’s never met a chart or a map he doesn’t love. But I can safely say he’s over the moon with this find.  He discovered Map Easy Guidemaps a few years ago and wonders why someone didn’t think of this sooner . These are waterproof maps of major cities with lots of interesting sites, coffee shops, local pubs, and landmarks highlighted on the map. It’s like having a location map and guidebook in one.


A Portable, Movable Hanging Rod

No. We don’t take this with us, but it’s a great tool to use when you’re packing for a vacation or extended trip.
My friend Bobbie gave me this idea and I thank her every time I use it. Set up the rack, hang out the clothes you think you’re going to need, match up shoes, accessories, jackets, etc. Edit out what you don’t need and then pack. I found I pack so much better one I started using this trick. When you’re finished, this little gem folds up flat and slides under your bed until next time.


And One More Thing . . . .

Someone asked me if I really changed from jeans to yoga pants and a loose top when I’m traveling long distance. The answer is yes.

Wonder why?  Everything swells (ugh!) on an airplane, especially when I’m on one for longer than 3-4 hours. If it’s an overnight flight, I’m also trying to get my body used to a new time zone and avoid jet lag. The best way to do it is to mimic what’s happening in the time zone where I’m headed. And if they’re sleeping, I’m going to sleep. And I don’t ever sleep in my jeans.

I like traveling in jeans but I don’t want to wear them for a 6 hour flight. They’re too constricting. And I don’t want to travel in yoga pants and flip flops either.  Being relaxed is one thing.  Being too relaxed is quite another.

The quick-change trick works for me.  Dave too.  And I’ve seen other travelers do the same.  Because it works.


What’s your travel tip?? What are you looking forward to buying from this list? Please leave a comment below!