Here’s a Chapter3 inspiration that’s close to my heart. It’s my husband’s story and he’s given me the okay to share it with you.

Dave was fortunate to retire at an early age and we were living comfortably — traveling, golfing, pretty much doing whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. Our children were self-sufficient, growing their careers, living independent lives. Life was sweet but not without its hiccups.

Dave had the main responsibility of looking after his parents and their last few years were stressful ones to say the least. Anyone who has cared for an elderly parent knows what I’m talking about.

So when the memorials were over, the estates settled, and the personal belongings of his parents distributed, Dave said to me, “I think I need to get away from all of this for a while.” We’d been around too much death and dying and it had taken it’s toll on each of us.

“What do you want to do? Where do you want do go?” I asked.

“Anywhere that makes me feel like I’m not going around the bend just yet,” he said.

And so that winter we skied.



A Passion for Skiing

Dave has two sports he plays very well. He enjoys golf, but he loves to ski.

If someone is a scratch golfer, it means they can play well enough to shoot par on any golf course. They are that good.

Dave is a scratch skier. He can ski any hill, mountain, or terrain effortlessly. I’ve always said he is one of the prettiest skiers on the mountain because he makes it look so darned easy. There’s no hesitation, no tension, no doubt that this man is in his happy zone when he’s on skis.

We were making the last run of the day and I stopped and watched Dave literally float down the mountainside. It was poetry. There was a light-heartedness in every turn. A happy aura surrounding him. As close to perfection as it comes. You get the picture.

I met up with him at the base of the mountain and there was this huge grin on his face, something I hadn’t seen in a long time. He was one hundred percent pure joy.

“I was in such a wonderful place on that last run. I didn’t want it to end!” he said.

And then I suggested maybe it shouldn’t.

He shot me a puzzled look and I said, “If skiing makes you this happy we need to figure out how to have it happen more than once a year.”

Skiing is Dave’s passion. And it was time for him to follow it.  To begin a new chapter.


Starting a New Chapter

Looking back on the decision process, it seems like an obvious decision to make. But Dave had been programmed all his life to do the expected…and doing something unexpected was a totally foreign idea at first.

Yet once the idea began to take shape and he realized the option was his to execute, a renewed Dave emerged.

Energy replaced obligation. Anticipation replaced dread. Excitement replaced ambivalence. The unexpected replaced the expected. And with all of those things a vibrant, can-do, brand new person emerged.

So Dave became a Mountain Host at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. He’s at the top of the tram two days a week, greeting people from all over the world, welcoming them to the mountain but more importantly, sharing his love and enthusiasm for the sport.


His passion and his dream turned into his reality.  His Chapter3.

I coach people all the time to follow their dreams. To push kids the way they lean. To find something they’d do for nothing and love it so much they’ll never have to work a day in their lives.

So here’s a question:

Is there something you’ve only imagined doing?  Have you ever considered taking the next step and actually doing it?

It was time for Dave to write his Chapter3.

Is it time for you to get started too?