For wherever your next chapter begins.

A new Chapter doesn’t begin on a milestone birthday or month on the calendar. It can begin at any age and any stage of life. It might begin with a carefully planned, anticipated event like a new job, retirement, or marriage. And it can also be an unexpected twist of fate, arriving without warning, that changes your life dramatically.

Chapter 3 is by no means the last chapter you write. It’s about the next Chapter and whatever it may be.

Love Letters Collection #1
When I was a little kid and wrote a letter to someone, I could hardly stand it, waiting to see
Once A Parent, Always A Parent
It’s safe to say, “Once a parent, always a parent.” Let’s call it the Start with no End. I remember
What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?
How do you react when someone close to you loses their partner? What do you say when you don’t know