For wherever your next chapter begins.

A new Chapter doesn’t begin on a milestone birthday or month on the calendar. It can begin at any age and any stage of life. It might begin with a carefully planned, anticipated event like a new job, retirement, or marriage. And it can also be an unexpected twist of fate, arriving without warning, that changes your life dramatically.

Chapter 3 is by no means the last chapter you write. It’s about the next Chapter and whatever it may be.

Don’t Catch It! Cure It!
We are in the middle of an epidemic. It’s not the flu. It’s not ebola.  Not measles.  It’s a lot
Where Do You Start After Disappointment?
Wouldn’t it be nice to get everything we wanted, when we wanted, and exactly how we wanted it to unfold?
Are You Good At Everything?
Are you good at everything? Do you delegate?  Or do you believe no one can do it better than you