For wherever your next chapter begins.

A new Chapter doesn’t begin on a milestone birthday or month on the calendar. It can begin at any age and any stage of life. It might begin with a carefully planned, anticipated event like a new job, retirement, or marriage. And it can also be an unexpected twist of fate, arriving without warning, that changes your life dramatically.

Chapter 3 is by no means the last chapter you write. It’s about the next Chapter and whatever it may be.

Play The Game
I’m a golfer.  Or rather, I play the game of golf.  My handicap consistently hovers around 22 which means I
All My Favorite Things!
I’m packing for a trip and I’m wondering:  Do you love packing? Or do you dread the thought? Do you
Another Beginning
August 18, 2013 was a beginning for me. It was my 60th birthday. One of the Big Ones. And with